6 steps to overcome panic attack

How I Overcome Panic Attack the Natural Way

I used to wake up in the middle of the night hyper ventilated. It was extremely difficult to breathe, like a huge monster had pinned me down and I can hardly moved.


It happened so often that I was so afraid to fall asleep. When night came, I became restless. I hated darkness so much that I had to sleep with my room lights on covering my head with a pillow to block out the glare.

This was such a long time ago and I have long since forgotten all about it.  Back then, I didn’t realise I was in a depression and panic attacks? I never heard of that term.

Doctors had assured me then that it was a mild panic disorder, nothing to be too concerned about. It’ll eventually go away. Sure it was mild, but the attacks were too frequent and it bothers my sanity.

Over the years, I had fewer panic attacks and then it stopped just as how it came and I forgot all about it.

It wasn’t until last fall 2016, when I was in Manchester, travelling back to Preston . That was when the panic attack returned. I had attended a roman blind making class in Sale.

It was peak hours and I was travelling in a jam packed train with commuters. I had a window seat, so I sat quietly watching  the commuters crowding in the aisle and by the door.

 It became uncomfortably hot in the train. The heat was unbearable that I felt there was lacking of air to breathe.

I became anxious and  felt that I had to get out of that train.

The sudden feeling that I was being pinned to my seat surrounded me. I wanted to say to the person next to me, “Please let me out, I wanna get out” but I was tongue tied.

Not a mumble escaped my lips.

I couldn’t budge my butt like it was glued to the seat.

I was utterly confused and briefly disoriented too. Then I thought,  Ya Allah, what was happening to me?

It took a while for me to realise then that, that was panic attack revisiting me. Its panic attack relapsed! Haha.. is there such a thing as panic attack relapsed?

Maybe not, its just my way of saying it.

So what do you think I did, to calm myself down?

I didnt have the chance to think on which method works best. I just had to do it to overcome my panic attack and to avoid strange stares from strangers.

 This is what I did.

 How I Overcome Panic Attack The Natural Way

6 Ways to overcome panic attack the natural way

Overcome panic attack the natural way

1) Closed my eyes

I closed my eyes. I thought, that way I am shutting the real world out as I crawled into my inner space. This was my only comfort spot.

2) I breathe

Yes, it sounded silly now but that was what I told myself repeatedly, breathe Su, breathe. Remember to breathe.

Ooohhh.. That pre natal class that I took, how it taught me to breathe, it comes in handy!

Telling yourself to breathe may sounded silly but believe me, when anxiety sets in, that’s the first thing we tend to forget to do.

So do remember to breathe, slow and deliberate breathe in through your nose, then take your time to slowly blow it out.

3) Glorify and praise Allah

With every breathe that I inhale, I recited Subhan Allahi wa bihamdihi .  When blowing out, I recited it in my heart, Subhan Allah al Azdim with a slow deliberate blowing out. I

That takes effort mind you haha.

4) I continued glorifying and praising Allah until the panic subsided

5) Refresh with water

When I  finally felt calm and  well composed, I had a sip of water from my water bottle that I always carry with me.

I poured a little bit of water onto my palm and slowly run my palm across my face anti clockwise.

6) Remembrance of Allah

I continuosly did the zikir until I reached my destination. That sixty minutes train ride, felt like the longest time in my entire life.

Looking back now, I have sum up those actions into my “6 simple steps to overcome panic attact the natural way”

I have applied these techniques upon myself. It has helped me greatly so I would encouraged you to try it out should you have a sudden anxiety or panic attack.

Especially when you are alone, travelling during peak hours where are hordes of people pushing and shoving into the train.

It should work in most anxious situation.

But I think it would worked best to hold the tasbih beads and push each bead with your finger along with every count.

Its kind of like grounding your mind. Forcing it to stay focus. I now have a few tasbih strings in colorful beads.

I put one into each handbag that I would normally carry with me. I name it  “my anxiety tool kit”

I have been having difficulty in staying focus. My mind wanders off everywhere and it takes a lot of effort to bring it back to where I want it to stay ,haha.

As a continuation to my healing process  and preventing a recurring attack, I take further precaution by practicing several steps which I named it “Daily dose dessert” the ultimate soul booster.

Sounds like yummy only better, don’t you think so?

Now I’d like to hear from you, how do you stay focus and keep those anxiety away.

Owhh and did I tell you about my recent discovery of The Best Comfort Food For Sadness or Depression, you might want to try that too.

Its simple to prepare and yummy yummilicious.

And may Allah keep you steadfast in your faith sister.

~~Su Zu



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