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Assalam alaikum to my beautiful sisters

You’re in the right place if you’re:

  • A new Muslimah
  • A single mom either by choice or been pushed into it due to circumstances
  • Isolated by your own community due to your new social status
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility and multi-tasking a new Muslimah /single mom has to shoulder
  • Struggling towards becoming a practising Muslimah
  • You’re looking for like-minded friends to connect for spiritual support and advice
  • Looking for tips and tools on how to stay organized in running your day to day activities, putting Allaah before yourself above all else
  • Looking for ways to earn money on the side, so you can be self-sufficient while raising your kids

This blog is for you

This blog is created especially for you my dear lovely Muslimahs.

It has been created to address the very issues that we are often facing as single moms. How we can overcome the fear, the loneliness and the struggles of being a Muslimah single mom.

I am here to inspire you, to encourage you through your ups and downs.

I want to infuse more positivity into your daily life by sharing my life experiences and help empower you to lead a happier life where you are healthier and at peace within. yourself

I want you to know that you are not alone.

I am here to take your hand and guide you through this rocky path in sha Allaah. You, me and the community we build.

Why am I writing this blog?

Because I believe that you:

  • Are the best mom in the world for your child
  • Have the strength and resilience needed to be a single mom – you just need the right support.
  • Bring joy and happiness to your child
  • Can find happiness again, bring back the smiles and wipe away the tears.
  • Have big dreams for your child
  • Deserve happiness, respect and love

So who am I?

Please call me Kak Su (Big sister, Su)

I was born and raised in Singapore and I’m a practising Muslimah single mom, just like you.

I have survived as a single mom and I am here to share my life experiences with you in a positive way in the hope that they will benefit you, for your Dunya and our akhiraah. Bi idzni Allah

When I was struggling to bring up my kids as a Muslimah single mom, I opted to move out of my homeland to a neighbouring country where I had to start a new life, away from the comfort of my family and friends.

In those days there was no easy access to the internet and a mobile phone was a luxury.

Naturally, there wasn’t the support of online support groups or chat forums. I had no friends to talk to and no tools and resources to rely on to help me stay organized or gain any inspirational quotes to liven up my days.

There was nothing to help keep my sanity or to keep me motivated.

There was simply nothing to keep my mind occupied other than entertaining my own loneliness thoughts. In the early days, alone with my kids in a foreign country, I struggled and suffered bouts of depression and panic attacks.

How did I survive? That is what I’ll share with you on this blog in the hope that it will give you the strength and support that you needed.

Your new online friend,

Su Zu

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