Having had so many disappointments in life, it’s hard to even be humble to think that its possible to be loved or to love again


Its known that Allah swt never gives anyone a burden , which they cant carry.


As we are going through hardship, pain or suffering, sometimes it feels like we wont be able to cope or deal with the issues we’re facing.


We sometimes feel like we arent deserving of His Mercy. However, Allah swt loves each and everyone of us.


Marriages Fail Due To Many Humble Reasons

Sometimes it’s harder to get out of that marriage than to stay in it.


If there are children involved, it’s even more stressful, as we want to do what’s best for them and their psychological needs.


Some people choose to stay married, only to save their children from the feelings of being labelled or thinking how devastating it could be on them.


Some people stay married even though they endure endless abuse from their spouse.


It’s hard for others to understand why a woman would stay, but they never think of what that woman have to actually do in order to build the courage to eventually leave such a toxic relationship.

I have spoken to many women who have had failed marriages

Almost all of them had one thing in common.

They never put themselves first


  • They would always seem to make excuses or justify why they should rather stay than leave.
  • They would think of everyone else first, but never about their need and their right to have peace.
  • They were always thinking about the consequences of putting an end to their misery


Be it a marriage failing due to infidelity, abuse or various other reasons, these women made a decision to stay and to endure the pain.


One woman told me something very profound. She told me, through all the abuses,

I’ve never lost hope. 


Her one rock was her faith and trusting in her Creator to give her the strength and hidayah.


To believe that He will guide her to where she needs to be.


She was physically, verbally and emotionally abused. She was beaten to a pulp, but always got back up.


I asked her hastily,

Why didn’t you leave?


She patiently continued, that her 2 kids were very young and she had nowhere to go.


She had no family to help her.


She was terrified of leaving her husband, as he always threatened to take her kids away from her.


Nobody knew about her silent prison.


I saw then how incredibly strong this woman was. She had a great unconditional love for the Almighty . I was humbled by her courage and resilience. Subhaan Allah


She finally left her husband after reaching out to a  support group that was formed by other abused women. These women had successfully left their husbands too.


People are so quick to judge others without knowing all the facts. They might see a woman along the way dressed decently, yet they feel the need to say that,

this woman is always so unfriendly


Little did they know, that this very woman is carrying the world on her shoulders and she is not complaining.


Not one soul realized or know what’s going on through the confines of her home.


I always remembered this famous quote,

Money cant buy happiness


Those that are wealthy, capable of getting anything that they desire, sadly, are the ones most miserable.


The love for the  world  is too much, to the point that they forget about the Almighty, the One who created them.


They forget that it is He who have granted them the worldly pleasures, free of needing to ask anyone for anything.


Most forget to  offer gratitude, to say Alhamdulillah for the blessings.


They go through their daily lives just wanting more. Never ever grateful or pleased with what they have.


May Allah swt grant them His Hidayah before it’s too late In Sha Allah.

Verily from Allah swt we come and to Him is our return


Our deeds on this Dunya ultimately speaks for us. May Allah swt grant His Ummah mercy for all our shortcomings.

The Humble Life Of The Less Fortunatehumble life of the homeless

One day I had to run some errands for my mother.


As I was walking across the road something caught my eye.


I saw homeless people busy, creating a makeshift area to call their home.

One young lady caught my attention


She was sitting next to a small child, cradling a crying baby in her arms. Despite the exhausted, weather beaten look on her face, I could see through her eyes that she was a very young mother.


They were sitting on the edge of the pavement asking people for small loose change to buy food.


Most of the passersby never bother to acknowledge her or her kids. They simply walked past, eager to get away from the homeless family.


Fortunately, there were some kind hearted people who stopped, to gave her some money.


There are others who gave food and treats for the kids too.


My heart felt so heavy seeing this before my very eyes. Subhaan Allah.


No one, in their right mind, would want to make a conscious decision to live like that.


We were then in the heart of winter!  It was freezing cold!


I know you are asking,

So what did you do?


Well, let me say that’s between me and Allah swt. All I can say is that she thanked and made dua that Allah swt grant me more than what I have given to her.


I left her with a big clot stuck in my throat, wishing that her life would change for the better.


When I returned a few weeks later, the makeshift house was no longer there. She and her little brood were gone.


This makes me wonder and ponder.

Why can’t I be grateful for the little blessings that I have?


How can I not say Alhamdulilah and praise our loving Creator for always having mercy on us?


We are in need of Him. Our lives should revolve around pleasing Him and Him only. Allahu Akbar.


Today I would love to ask each and everyone who read this article to think,

What is that one thing you are grateful for today?


Thank the Almighty


Be Humble. Offer gratitude to Him


Make dua for those who are crying themselves to sleep at night and for those who feel hopeless and lost.


Let those who are suffering to be granted ease. Pray that they find their way back to Allah swt.


Before asking for yourself  shifa, ask Allah to first cure those who are sick.


Ask for all the deceased to be granted the highest place in Jannah


May our Ummah continues to become united In Sha Allah.



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