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Let Our Children Be The Coolness Of Our Eyes : They Can Heal A Grieving Heart

Let Our Children Be The Coolness Of Our Eyes And Heal Our Grieving Heart Back then, there was a saying that goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ . Those days, the responsibility of raising a

Visionary Single Parenting : Challenging The Stereotypes

Visionary single parenting: Challenging the stereotypes Are you a single mom and trying so hard to succeed in single parenting? Cheers! I know you are worried about the future of your children. You can’t help thinking about

How I Overcome Panic Attack The Natural Way, Drug Free

How I Overcome Panic Attack the Natural Way I used to wake up in the middle of the night hyper ventilated. It was extremely difficult to breathe, like a huge monster had pinned me down and I

Virtues Of Remembering Allah

Remember Allah and He Will Remember You The secret to keeping your poise sister, is to remember Allah. These days, keeping calm and  well composed is a lot easier for me compared to those times. I hated
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